Feb. 5, 2010:
Designed and Delivered 4 more REC/Unirac/SMA complete PV system kits

Jan 25, 2007:
Beginning Uploading

Jan 15, 2006:
Site Content Identified

Dec 25, 2009:
Idea of Independent Informational REC site by PPM

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Idea: 1993
Established: 1996
First Wafer: 1997
Large Contracts: 1999
Global Expansion: 2001
Silicon Plant in US: 2002
Third Plant: 2003
Going Public: 2005
Rapid Growth: 2007
Continuing Growth: 2009



REC is ARRA Eligible
US Made Silicon
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The focus of this website is to bring concise, handy and useful information about REC Solar Panels. This information is provided by an independent source, a licensed solar contractor in Florida, Power Production Management, Inc, (PPM).

We chose REC Solar products as one of our preferred solar PV modules for many reasons, but primarily due to its high quality and the confidence in the manufacturer’s financial stability and dedication to long term service. As we all know, when we purchase a solar panel, we are not just purchasing the panel itself, rather the electricity that it will produce. Similarly, when we purchase an automobile, we are not just blindly purchasing the car, but look into the total amount of miles that it will last (longevity), amount of gas that it consumes (efficiency), amount of service that it requires (reliability), and how did the manufacturer handle any problems that occurred in the past (warranty and service).

Just as well, two solar panels may have different output per rated performance. As an example, a 210 Watt solar panel of one brand may produce more electricity in the year than equally rated 210 Watt solar panel of another brand. How to find out which solar panel is better? Well, it is a great question – and we believe the real-world studies performed by third-party institutions. As for REC solar, during a 12 month long study performed in conjunction with Fraunhofer Institute, REC modules outperformed the leading Chinese and European brands in the real-world setting. What does it mean to you and me? More money saved off the electric bill. Please feel free to review the details of the study here.